Why My-CFO

Who’s concerned, My-CFO could be useful to:
- Owner of a Family business
- CEO of a middle size company needs to make transformational changes
- CFO at Large Corporation that needs assistance in specific areas
- Start-up that needs to focus on its project

Questions that we can be of help:
- How can I increase the valuation of my company?
- How can I execute my vision?
- Do I know which of my products are making money?
- What projects should I stop investing at, today?
- How can I avoid Revenue increase, kill my Cashflow?

Do’s and Don’ts of a CEO:
- Long term Strategy
- Performance measurement
- Execution of Results
- People Development

Instead, your day to day is spend in:
- Politics and Firefighting
- Personnel supervision
- Long lasting and without conclusion meetings

My-CFO can free your valuable time and allows you to focus on core
business activities

We are not accountants or a consulting firm. We are active and trusted
business partners
We are not just advisors. We are implementers
We are flexible, work on site or remotely. Create a standard collaboration or
work in specific projects
We can work with your existing team, accounting firm but we can also build,
train and evolve a new team.